July 01, 2014 Introduction

The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Appellate Judges Conference

By Justice Robert H. Edmunds Jr.

Since our fall 2013 issue, we have been observing the centennial of the Judicial Division of the American Bar Association. I hope you are still in a mood for a chorus of “Happy Birthday” because with this issue we celebrate the Appellate Judges Conference’s (AJC’s) 50th anniversary. Articles relating to this theme deal with the history of AJC and its sometimes-ontentious relationship with the ABA, and with the evolution of court management over that time. This issue’s Waymaker, Justice Randy Holland, has for many years been an active participant in many of AJC’s initiatives. Regular columnists Judge Herbert Dixon and Marla Greenstein have knitted a 50-year perspective into their work this month. Dr. Peter Koelling flings caution aside as he forecasts what the next 50 years will bring. Your editors hope that these views, both backward and forward, will not only entertain and inform, but also encourage your active participation in AJC and the Judicial Division.


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