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April 01, 2014

The Trials, Tribulations, and Rewards of Being the First

By John M. Leventhal, Daniel D. Angiolillo, and Matthew J. D’Emic

PART I: The First Felony Domestic Violence Court

The Brooklyn Domestic Violence Court’s list of accomplishments is long. This pilot project, which turned into a national model, has had many successes, including the establishment of the Family Justice Center.

What’s more, its probationers have one-half the violation rate compared to the general probation population.

By John M. Leventhal

PART II: The First Integrated Domestic Violence Court

The “one family/one judge” concept has simplified the court process for litigants, reduced the number of appearances in multiple courts, and addressed conflicting orders of protection.

By Daniel D. Angiolillo

PART III: The First Mental Health Court

The first mental health court in New York has reaped many rewards while dealing with the intricacies of mental illness and its effect on families and relationships.

By Matthew J. D’Emic

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