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Vol. 52 No. 2   May 2013


Legal Education

Judge Bill Dressel: An Insightful Educator

As a district court judge in Colorado for more than 22 years and then president of the National Judicial College since 2000, Judge Bill Dressel has vast insight into case management, trial management, court structure, and governance issues. He also touches on the benefits of having experienced judges as well as younger, diverse judges and advocates for pre-bench education programs as one way to improve the judicial experience and the profession.


Courts & Judiciary

Public Trust: Past, Present, Future

American courts are facing unprecedented challenges and an ever increasingly dissatisfied public in the 21st century. However, the collective court community has not examined the constructs of public trust for more than a decade. In this article, past studies conducted to measure trust and confidence are examined. Suggestions are made about what the courts can learn from the institution of higher education to make a positive difference in public perception and to reestablish trust and confidence in our system of justice.

Court Administration

We Never Saw It Coming . . . or Did We?

A National Association for Court Management survey looks at a few possible scenarios for the future of America’s state courts. NACM suggests viewing the future through a lens that incorporates good governance, sustained performance even with limited funding, imaginative trend analysis, solid caseflow management, consideration of the public’s perception of the courts, and dedication to professional court management education.

Courts & Judiciary

New Handbook Offers Strategies for Restoring Court Funding

Two nonprofit organizations, Justice at Stake and the National Center for State Courts, have published a new handbook to make the strongest case possible for adequate court funding. Funding Justice: Strategies and Messages for Restoring Court Funding is based on an extensive nationwide opinion research project that included focus groups; a poll of American voters; and interviews with chief justices, legislators, and others involved in the court funding debate.

Courts & Judiciary

Winds of Change: The Challenges Facing State High Courts in Regulating the Practice of Law

Over the past decade, the legal profession has become increasingly national and global. While many commentators have addressed the growth of transnational legal practice, few have addressed the challenges that nationalization and globalization present state courts responsible for regulating the legal profession. This article discusses the national regulatory implications of the Uniform Bar Examination and the international regulatory implications of increasing multijurisdictional practice.

Courts & Judiciary

Will Virtual Courts Create Courthouse Relics?

Technology is advancing at a rapid pace and the courts can utilize technology to allow for greater access and efficiency. New technology could make courthouses obsolete, rendering them ancient symbols of how justice was dispensed in the past. Courts may no longer require litigants, staff, judges, and the public to physically attend proceedings; all actions will occur online in virtual courts. However, the traditions and purposes of the courts may prevent courthouses from becoming relics.

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