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September 27, 2022 Gavel Talks | Season 4 - Episode 18

Time out, Mr. Chief Justice. There's a lot to calling balls and strikes!

Hosted by Hon. Richard Ginkowski, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Chief Justice John Roberts' claim that it's his "job to call balls and strikes" has been oft-repeated, including at the Senate confirmation hearings when Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the highest court. But how accurate is it? Gavel Talks host Richard Ginkowski, a judge, joins Dan Ronan, an umpire, to discuss how the responsibilities of a judge and a baseball umpire are similar - and how they differ.

Gavel Talks listeners will learn that calling balls and strikes requires a multitude of split-second assessments and umpires can't wait for briefs and aren't into oral arguments! If you're a die-hard baseball fan you'll find Dan Ronan's analysis fun and informative (and, if not, the technical talk may convince you that there's a lot to calling balls and strikes).

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