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April 05, 2022 Gavel Talks | Season 4 - Episode 7

Implicit Bias - All Hands On Deck

Hosted by Hon. Richard Ginkowski, Pleasant Prairie, WI

Combatting the scourge of implicit bias requires all hands on deck. That's the gist of an ABA Midyear Meeting program featuring the Hon. Bernice Donald of the U.S. Court of Appeals. While judges have a deep responsibility to identify and ferret out implicit bias during trials the challenge is shared with prosecutors and defense attorneys, according to King County (Wash.) Deputy Prosecutor Yesenia Manzo and Ben Goldsmith, a managing attorney for the Public Defender Association in Seattle. The process, they said, starts long before a case gets to trial.  

Judge Donald (literally) wrote, together with Professor Sarah Redfield, the book on implicit bias - Enhancing Justice: Reducing Bias - published by the ABA.

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