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Book Editorial Board

Publish Your Book with the Judicial Division

The American Bar Association Judicial Division's Book Editorial Board reviews book proposals for publication through ABA Publishing. The Board is primarily interested in practical advice to judges, or from judges to lawyers, on such professional topics as:

  • Practicing in specialty courts (DWI courts, drug courts, housing courts, family courts, etc.)
  • Views from the bench on dispositive motions in criminal and civil cases
  • Views from the bench on the dos and don’ts of appellate advocacy
  • Judicial perspective on discovery and e-discovery
  • Judges, lawyers, and social media
  • How judges read digital submissions
  • Legal history

The Board may also consider other writings about law that would be suitable for ABA publication.

Interested writers are asked to submit the Proposal Form, a manuscript or synopsis of at least five pages, plus a 100-word author bio. Submissions should include a statement of why the submission is particularly suitable for publication by the ABA. Submissions cannot have been previously published. Word documents or PDFs are preferred, double-spaced with 12-point type.  

Those submitting proposals do not need an agent. If a writer has been previously published, please provide details in the submission. Perfect presentation isn’t as important as strong content.

For more information, contact Tori Jo Wible, Director and Chief Counsel of the ABA Judicial Division, at [email protected]. The Board will acknowledge receipt of all proposals.