Gavel Talks Podcast

Gavel Talks is an audio and video library, exploring best practices and judicial advice on topics of professional development for judges, lawyers and law students.

Judicial Clerkship Forum: A Conversation with 12 Judges

Designed to inform Judicial Division law student members of the path to securing a clerkship; members can access a copy for free.

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Council of Appellate Lawyers Manual on Pro Bono Appeals

Download a free copy of a handbook on the country's 14 pro bono appeals programs for state court appeals.

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Roadmap Series on Judicial Issues

Once an ABA presidential appointed entity, the Coalition for Justice’s mission was to build public trust and confidence in a fair and impartial justice system through partnerships with the public in justice reform. The mission, now encompassed within the Judicial Division Lawyers Conference, is reflected in the free Road Map series on judicial issues.

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