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The Judges' Journal

The Division's award-winning quarterly publication is one of the nation's foremost judicial journals and the authoritative source on innovations in the justice system. The Judges' Journal is designed to keep members current on issues affecting the courts and promote discussion about the direction of the judicial process. Division members enjoy a complimentary subscription to this publication (a $39 value) and it is available for purchase.

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Appellate Issues | Winter 2024

This issue is dedicated to memorializing the panel presentations at the 2023 AJEI Summit in Washington, D.C. Attendees at the Summit heard from a deep bench of talented jurists and practitioners on a wide array of topics.

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Gavel Talks

A podcast by, for, and about judges, Gavel Talks explores hot topic issues in courts. Join our host Richard Ginkowski to hear about the latest innovative projects, new ideas, and other current events in the judiciary.

Judicial Clerkship Forum: A Conversation with 12 Judges

Designed to inform Judicial Division law student members of the path to securing a clerkship; members can access a copy for free.

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Manual on Pro Bono Appeals Programs for State Court Appeals (Third Edition)

The Pro Bono Manual is a complimentary handbook designed to serve as a practical tool surveying pro bono appeals programs for state court of appeals. This is the third edition, published October 2022 by the Council of Appellate Lawyers.

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Roadmap Series on Judicial Issues

Once an ABA presidential appointed entity, the Coalition for Justice’s mission was to build public trust and confidence in a fair and impartial justice system through partnerships with the public in justice reform. The mission is reflected in the free Road Map series on judicial issues.

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