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New Lawyers

Uses and Abuses of Generative AI and the Ethics of Its Use by Attorneys and Judges

Generative artificial intelligence (GAI), of which ChatGTP is a prominent example, bursts onto the popular imagination in late 2022. This CLE program delves into the nature of GAI, consider how it might be used or misused, and address causes of action that might be brought arising out of GAI. Panelists will also discuss the ethical implications of GAI.

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New Lawyers

Mediating a Federal Case: Practice Tips for Judges & Lawyers

This webinar will explore this often-underutilize resource for litigants in federal courts with tips on how federal trial judges and attorneys can successfully bring resolution to contested matters through settlement conferences and mediation at the courthouse.

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Ways to Join the Judicial Division

Lawyers can join the JD though the JD Lawyers Conference or the JD Appellate Judges Conference's Council of Appellate Lawyers. Join today for $50 + ABA Membership.

Resources on Courts and the Judiciary for New Lawyers

How To Build an Appellate Practice

Are you looking to create or expand your current litigation practice to appellate advocacy? Watch this 3-session series in which three experienced appellate lawyers discuss how they built their practices dedicated to civil appeals in state and federal courts. Session 1 is available to anyone, and sessions 2 & 3 are available to members of the Judicial Division's Council of Appellate Lawyers.

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The Judges' Journal

Access the award-winning Judges' Journal, the authoritative source on innovations in the justice system. The Judges' Journal is designed to keep judges and lawyers current on issues affecting the courts and to promote discussion about the direction of the judicial process.

Winter Issue: Working with Vulnerable Populations

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More Practice Areas for New Lawyers

No matter your practice specialty or setting, the ABA has you covered. Find additional practice area pages in the ABA's New Lawyer Practice Area Resource Library.

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