Membership & Recruiting

Recruiting Materials

Membership Dues

Section Membership

$35 Judicial Division Dues
The Judicial Division has one of the lowest specialty group rate within the ABA.

$60 Joint Section Dues for Judges
Judges enrolled in the Judicial Division may join one additional Participating Entity for a joint dues rate of $60. To take advantage of this special rate, call 800-285-2221.

ABA Membership

$150  Reduced Individual ABA Dues Rate
Judges can now pay a reduce rate of $150 for ABA Membership. This rate is also available for Non-Profit/Public Interest Lawyers, Government Lawyers, Solo Practitioners, Retirees/Inactive Lawyers, and small firm lawyers. 

$75 - $450 Regular Individudal ABA Dues Rate
The ABA has simplified its dues rates, and pricing varies based on original bar admission.

Group Membership 

$130 Public Service Group Membership
Qualified organizations may take advantage of signigicant savings of $130 for both ABA and Judicial Division through the Public Service Grouop Membership Program. Rules and eligibility appplies.

JD Membership Committee

Please contact the Judicial Division Membership committee for membership & recruitment ideas and requests.

Chair: Hon. Leslie Miller

Vice-Chair: Hon. Robert Cohen

AJC: Hon. Laurie McKinnon

LC: Daniel Gourash

CAL: George Abele

CASA: Stephanie Snow


NCALJ – Hon. Henry Hamilton and Hon. Richard Luis

NCSCJ – Hon. Phinia Aten

NCSTJ – Hon. Marguerite Downing and Hon. Denise Langford-Morris