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Membership & Recruiting

Welcome to the Judicial Division's Recruiting Resources Page.  We have a selection of materials and talking points available below to assist you in your efforts to bring new members to the Division.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Division's Membership Co-Chairs, your conference's Membership Chair, or the Division's staff, [email protected]

Recruiting Materials

Members are encouraged to bring JD Membership Materials to conferences & meetings where they can promote the Division. To request materials be shipped to you, please contact [email protected] with the meeting name, date, and number of attendees.

Membership Dues

Section Membership

$50 Judicial Division Dues
The Judicial Division has one of the lowest specialty group rate within the ABA.

$80 Joint Section Dues for Judges
Judges enrolled in the Judicial Division may join one additional Participating Entity for a joint dues rate of $80. To take advantage of this special rate, call 800-285-2221.

ABA Membership

$150 Reduced Individual ABA Dues Rate
Judges can now pay a reduce rate of $150 for ABA Membership. This rate is also available for Non-Profit/Public Interest Lawyers, Government Lawyers, Solo Practitioners, Retirees/Inactive Lawyers, and small firm lawyers. 

$75 - $450 Regular Individual ABA Dues Rate
The ABA has simplified its dues rates, and pricing varies based on original bar admission.

Group Membership 

$145 Public Service Group Membership
Qualified organizations may take advantage of significant savings of $145 for both ABA and Judicial Division through the Public Service Group Membership Program. Rules and eligibility applies.

JD Membership Committee

Please contact the Judicial Division Membership committee for membership & recruitment ideas and requests.

Co-Chairs – Hon. Denise Langford-Morris & Hon. Leanna Weissmann

Appellate Judges Conference – Hon. Leanna Weissmann
        Council of Appellate Lawyers – Matthew Friedlander
        Council of Appellate Staff Attorneys – Jessica Ballard-Barnett

Lawyers Conference – Mr. Neal Sonnett

National Conference of Federal Trial Judges – TBA

National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary – TBA

National Conference of Specialized Court Judges – Hon. Juliet Britton

National Conference of State Trial Judges – Hon. Marguerite Downing & Hon. Peter Killough