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Region 9

Liaison: Judge Richard Vlavianos

Richard A. Vlavianos is a Judge of the Superior Court of California, County of San Joaquin.  He was appointed by Governor Pete Wilson in 1999.  He serves by appointment of the Chief Justice of California as Chair of the Judicial Council’s Collaborative Justice Advisory Committee.  He also serves as an Judicial Advisory Panel member for the Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility (FAAR).

He has served as faculty for: Lifesavers, Transportation Research Board; National Judicial College; Judicial Council of California, Center for Judicial Education and Research; and multiple state courts. 

He currently oversees a multi-track DUI Court system of court supervision in high risk DUI cases that has documented a 32% reduction in recidivism and 50% reduction in collisions with repeat offenders, over 4,000 in nine years.  He has also implemented a DUI prevention program that involves court proceedings inside of schools, using prisoners and collaborative court clients to educate students on the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and an outreach program into the Hispanic community for DUI prevention. 

He has received the 2018 Judicial Officer of the Year Award from the Chief Probation Officers of California; 2017 Public Service Award from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for implementing the multi-track DUI Court;  the 2015 Child Prevention and Intervention Award from The Children’s Services Coordinating Commission; the 2012 Kevin E. Quinlan Award from the Century Council (now FAAR) for excellence in traffic safety; and the 2007 Law Day Award from the San Joaquin County Bar Association.