Wellness Wednesday Series

Secondary Traumatization in the Judiciary and How to Deal with It

Complimentary webinar for Judicial Division members

Judges who work in criminal and civil courts are exposed to people who have been traumatized and stories of trauma on a daily basis. Often these people and stories take a psychological toll on the people who hear them. As a result, they may become depressed, irritable, angry, tired, and anxious. When these experiences become continuous rather than occasional, secondary traumatization may result. This presentation will describe the primary symptoms and behaviors associated with secondary traumatization. It will also provide specific tools to help judges engage in self-care so that they can successfully continue to engage in the important work they do rather than burn out.

Presented by:

Judge Casey Clevenger, Missouri State Judicial Outreach Liaison

Dr. Brian Meyer, Ph.D., Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, Department of Psychiatry