Wellness Wednesday Series

Speaking and Teaching Opportunities Abroad

January 13,v2021 | 11:00 - 12:15 PM Central Time | Non-CLE

Complimentary webinar for Judicial Division members


Col. Linda Strite Murnane, former Chair of the ABA Judicial Division


  • The Honorable Margaret Mckeown (US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit)
  • The Honorable Virgina Kendall (US District Court, Northern Illinois)
  • The Honorable Richard Boulware (US District Court, Neveda)
  • The Honoarble Elizabeth Stong (US Bankruptcy Court, ED NY)
  • The Honorable Lisette Shirdan-Harrais (Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas)
Speaking and Teaching Opportunities Abroad

Speaking and Teaching Opportunities Abroad


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