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Traffic Court Programs

In partnership with the National Highway on Traffic Safety Administration, the ABA Judicial Division works together to produce complimentary traffic related programs.

  • The Science and Admissibility of Drug Evaluation and Classification Evidence in Drug-Impaired Driving Cases (2018)
    The increase in drug-impaired driving cases on our highways has led to new investigative techniques and trial testimony including the use of drug recognition experts.   This webinar will address the basics of drug recognition expert testimony in the trial of a drug-impaired driving case, how courts around the country have addressed its admissibility, and the applicability of Frye and Daubert to drug recognition evidence. 
  • Expanding the Science on Marijuana and Drug Testing (2017)
    Informs the public – lawyers, judges, policy makers, scientists, parents, youth, etc. – about the pharmacology of cannabis, the active and inactive metabolites of cannabis, changes in drug testing, risks associated with cannabis use and driving, the effects of second-hand smoke exposure, and differences in routes of administration
  • Alcohol Ignitions  Interlock  (2017)
    This webinar shares the results of new research that demonstrates the effectiveness of alcohol interlocks, including the evaluation of the Minnesota interlock program, and the Michigan evaluation of DWI courts that utilized ignition interlocks with high-BAC and repeat offenders.  New national studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ignition interlocks in reducing alcohol-related crashes will also be presented.
  • Prosecuting and Supervising High Risk Drunk Drivers: Overcoming Barriers and Challenges through Evidence Based Practices (2016)
    This webinar discusses the criminal justice system’s response to the persistent and pervasive problem of impaired driving, with particular focus on the prosecution and supervision of high risk, repeat drunk drivers.  
  • Judicial Response to Impaired Driving in Indian Country: Myths, Barriers and New Opportunities (2016)
    This fast paced and interactive 90-minute Webinar will introduce participants to the challenges facing Judges in Indian Country in impaired driving cases.