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The Judicial Division presents

Judging During the Pandemic

What Judges and Lawyers (and Jurors) Think About Remote Proceedings and the Future of Court Operations

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COVID-19 has led to drastic changes in institutions across the Nation, including the Judiciary. Courts have had to change procedures and processes to, among other things, accommodate “remote” or virtual proceedings, ranging from grand jury proceedings through nonjury and jury trials in civil and criminal proceedings and appeals. In an effort to gauge the scope of change, the ABA Judicial Division surveyed judges and lawyers to gain an understanding of how remote court operations are functioning, what might be done to improve operations, and what the post-pandemic future might bring. Join us for this interactive webinar, which will review these and other topics, including some surprises along the way. In addition, information learned in response to jury surveys will be discussed as well. Learning objectives include:

We will share perspectives on how court operations will change as a result of the pandemic.

  • Participants will be able to provide insights into which technology proved successful during COVID and which did not work.
  • Participants will hear about, and be able to describe, best practices and lessons learned for technology during COVID.


  • Hon. Samuel A. Thumma, Judge, Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Hon. Peter A. Buchsbaum, J.S.C., (Ret.), is now of counsel to the Flemington, NJ firm of Lanza and Lanza, L.L.P.
  • Dr. Karen O. Lisko, PhD., Senior Litigation Consultant, Perkins Coie, LLP, Phoenix, Arizona
  • Dr. Jeffrey T. Frederick, PhD., President, Jeffrey Frederick Trial Consulting Services, LLC, Charlottesville, Virginia