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From Cradleboard to Shallow Grave

Boarding Schools, ICWA, Missing & Murdered Indigenous Persons

This program discusses several devastating policies and programs sponsored or led by the United States government to the extreme detriment of Indigenous persons. This includes the Boarding School Era ("Kill the Indian, Save the Man"); the Adoption Era which led to the passage of the Indian Child Welfare Act that is currently under attack in the U.S. Supreme Court; and the resulting traumas that have led to the epidemic of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Persons who are significantly under-reported, under-investigated, and whose perpetrators often go unpunished.

The panelists give an overview of each of these devastating subject areas and provide information on what tribes, tribal citizens, and tribal organizations are doing to provide remedies and solutions to those who have been affected.

This program was sponsored by the ABA Judicial Divison's National Conference of Specialized Court Judges and the Divsion's Tribal Courts Council.