December 01, 2013

Appellate Practice Interview Series

The Judicial Division Appellate Judges Conference produced the Appellate Practice Interview Series: The Nuts and Bolts of Appellate Practice covering a wide-range of topics. Members may log-in to watch full series.

  • Principal Briefs, The Argument Section - Hon. Christel Marquardt, interviewed by Cynthia Feathers
  • Petitioning for Review - Hon. Mark D. Martin, interviewed by Jerry Ganzfried
  • Merit Stage in Front of Court of Last Resort - Hon. Scott Bales, interviewed by Ann Qushair
  • Impact of New Technology on Appellate Brief Writing - Hon. Randy Smith, interviewed by Kate Galston
  • Representing the Respondent at Oral Argument - Hon. Andre Davis, interviewed by Dan Lindahl
  • How to Write Effective Introductions - Hon. Margret Robb, interviewed by Karen Beach
  • Appellate Brief Writing - Hon. Alex Kozinski, interviewed by Suzi Alexander
  • Statement of Fact - Hon. Martha Warner, interviewed by Kirsten Castaneda
  • Oral Argument - Hon. Elizabeth Lang-Miers, interviewed by Julia Pendery
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