November 14, 2014

2014 AJEI Summit Program Series

The 11th Annual Appellate Judges Educational Institute (AJEI) Summit was held in Dallas, TX November 14, 2014. The playlist includes the following programs:

Arbitration Hot Topics for Appellate Lawyers
Discussion on current trends in the United States Supreme Court regarding the enforce-ability of arbitration agreements and arbitration awards, as well as issues and challenges of interest to appellate practitioners who are litigating the enforce-ability of arbitration agreements and seeking to challenge or enforce arbitration awards in lower courts. 

Reading and Writing Advanced E-Briefs: What Works and What Doesn’t
Understanding the most  common e-brief features, how they are in practice useful to readers; help practitioners and courts consider the options for moving from “paper briefs filed electronically” to advanced e-briefs that are consistently useful; Consideration of the institutional factors and technical literacy issues shaping the different ways that practitioners and court staff have been approaching this transition; and understanding how e-briefs are affecting the evolution of appellate rules and informal practices.

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  • Lawyers Conference
  • National Conference of Specialized Court Judges
  • National Conference of State Trial Judges
  • National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary
  • National Conference of Federal Trial Judges
  • Appellate Judges Conference
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