Lunch & Learn

Judicial Wellness & Coping in COVID-19

February 24th at 1:00 pm Central Time

This program will be an interview-style conversation on judicial wellness strategies and challenges between Judge Robert S. Anchondo, the Region 6 Judicial Outreach Liaison (El Paso, Texas), and Dr. Brian L. Meyer, Ph.D. a Clinical Psychologist, and the Psychology Program Manager for the Community-Based Outpatient Clinics of the Central Virginia Veterans Affairs Health Care System (Henrico, Virginia).

The conversation will begin by introducing the stressors and challenges that can affect judges’ mental health when on and off the bench, and the unhealthy coping mechanisms that can develop under those circumstances. Judge Anchondo will ask Dr. Meyer a series of questions about how judges can cope with those stressors and challenges. There will also be time for the attendees to ask questions of Dr. Meyer about issues that they or others may be facing from the bench.


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