Judicial Division Staff

ABA Judicial Division
321 N. Clark Street, 18th Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60654-7598

P: 800.238.2667 x5687
F: 312-988-5709

Director and Chief Counsel
Tori Jo Wible
Phone: 800.238.2667 x5687
E-mail Tori

Meetings Manager
Kris Berliant
Phone: 800.238.2667 x5700
E-mail Kris

Member Communications Specialist
Jo Ann Saringer
Phone: 800.238.2667 x6259
E-mail Jo Ann

Conference Manager
Appellate Judges Conference, National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, and National Conference of State Trial Judges
Amanda Banninga
Phone: 800.238.2667 x5450
E-mail Amanda

Program Associate
Lawyers Conference, National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary, National Conference of Specialized Court Judges
Julie Peacock
Phone: 800.238.2667 x6093
E-mail Julie

NHTSA/Traffic Project Manager
Kennedy Green
Phone: 800.238.2667 x6716
E-mail Kennedy

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