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NCSCJ members have access to the Conference's many committees, which provide members with a lively and open forum for analysis, debate and education. Participation is the key to NCSCJ activities and committees are one of the best ways for NCSCJ members to actively and meaningfully take part in the work of the specialized court judiciary.

How to Join A Committee

  • NCSCJ Committee terms begin annually on September 1 and end August 31.
  • All Committee members must re-enroll on a yearly basis. Enrollment will NOT be carried over.
  • You must be a current member of the Judicial Division National Conference of Specialized Court Judges.
  • There is no fee to join a committee and is a benefit to NCSCJ members.
  • Committee Charge provides a descripption and commitment requirements.

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2023-2024 NCSCJ Committees

Chair: Hon. Phinia Aten

Domestic Violence
Chair: Hon. Sidney Butcher

Education & Programs
Chair: Hon. Richard Ginkowski

JD Record*
Editor: Hon. Richard Ginkowski

Judges’ Journal*
Editor: Hon. Elizabeth Finn

Chair: Hon. Juliet Britton

Military Courts
Co-Chair: Col. Joshua Rosen
Co-Chair: Cdr. Mike Whitican

Native American Tribal Courts
Chair: Hon. J. Matthew Martin

Chair: Hon. Andra Sparks

Strategic Planning
Chair: Ch. Col. Tara Osborn

Traffic Court Steering Committee
Chair: Hon. Charles Price

Enroll Now

Enroll via your myABA profile online or contact [email protected]