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National Conference of Specialized Court Judges


The 2023 NCSCJ Awards will be presented at the ABA Annual Meeting in Denver, CO from August 2-6, 2023 Please see more about each award below.

The Franklin N. Flaschner Award
Recognizes a judge in a court of limited jurisdiction who has an excellent reputation, a commitment to high ideals, exemplary character, leadership and competence in performing judicial duties.

The William R. McMahon Award
Presented to a judge, court employee or attorney who has made a significant implementation or development in the use of technological advances in a court of limited or special jurisdiction.

The Judicial Education Award 
Awards a person or institution of judicial education or training for successful efforts in providing high quality judicial education and training for judges.

65th Military Judges Recognition

65th Military Judges Recognition

The NCSCJ recognized U.S. Air Force Major Tyler Musselman (second from left) and U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Major James Baehr (third from left) for their academic achievement and judicial excellence as the top graduates of the 65th Military Judge Course. Brigadier General George R. Smawley (left), Commander, U.S. Army Legal Services Agency and Chief Judge, U.S. Army Court of Criminal Appeals joined Colonel (Ret) Michael Lewis (right), U.S. Air Force, NCSCJ Military Courts Committee Chair, in presenting the recognition at The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia on July 1, 2022.

Past Award Recipients

The NCSCJ has been honoring individuals who have made contributions to the specialized court judiciary since 1978. Access our list of past award recipients.