National Conference of Specialized Court Judges (NCSCJ)

The NCSCJ is the Judicial Division's home to judges of limited and special jurisdiction from around the country. It works to promote a representative, educated and sensitive judiciary providing equal justice under the law and to assist judges in meeting challenges facing the judiciary.

Now Accepting Nominations

State Judicial Outreach Liaison (SJOL) Program Paid Openings

We are pleased to announce that the ABA has selected 10 states to host new SJOLs funded through the ABA and NHTSA’s cooperative agreement. The new SJOLs will serve as educators, authors, consultants and liaisons between local, regional and national stakeholders.

Extraordinary individuals for our three NCSCJ Award

We are seeking nominations for those advancing the field of limited or specialized jurisdiction for our three prestigious awards: The Franklin N. Flaschner Award, the William R. McMahon Award, and the Judicial Education Award. Deadline to submit your nominations is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

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Enhance your career, expand your network, stay current on latest news and trends, shape the future of the judiciary.

Join a NCSCJ Comittee

Participation is the key to Lawyers Conference providing members a lively and open forum for analysis, debate, education and production of publications, software, and videos, as well as programs to enhance the administration of justice.

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National Traffic Safety News

"Highway to Justice" is a complimentary newsletter produced through a joint project with the ABA and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. "Highway to Justice" is designed to be a source for updates on national traffic safety news.

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Give the Gift of Justice

Donating to the Judicial Division demonstrates your commitment to the improvement of the justice system. We serve as the judicial voice of the ABA and your tax-deductible contribution supports policies, programming and projects affecting the judiciary on a national level. Please consider the Judicial Division for online donations, gifts, or planned giving. Please check the drop-down menu for specific conferences, or support the work of the Division. Thank you.

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Julie Peacock, Program Associate, 800.238.2667 ext. 6093, 321 North Clark Street, Chicago, IL 60654