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Burnham “Hod” Greeley Award: Call for Nominations

The Lawyers Conference is accepting nominations for the 2019 Burnham “Hod” Greeley Award, given annually to a person or organization who has made a significant positive impact on public understanding of the role of the judiciary in a democratic society. The award is to be presented during the 2019 ABA Midyear Meeting. Nominations are due to Julie Peacock by December 7, 2018.


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Special Master Case Studies by Dr. Barbara Meierhoefer

These case studies describe in detail how special masters were used in the pretrial phase of three complex cases, one involving alleged misappropriation of trade secrets in the Superior Court of Georgia and two health insurance merger cases in Federal district court in the District of Columbia. Each case study presents practical information about the process, and describes the advantages and disadvantages of involving a special master from the perspectives of the judges and attorneys. The report is a product of the ABA’s Judicial Division, Lawyers Conference Committee on Special Masters, which hopes to add similar studies to promote the appropriate use of special masters. If you have a case that would make a good addition, please contact Committee Chair, Merril Hirsch at

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