NCFTJ Committees

Aside from the benefits that you receive as a member of the ABA and the Judicial Division, as an NCFTJ member, you will have access to the Conference's many Committees which provide members a lively and open forum for analysis, debate and education. NCFTJ Committees are the lifeblood of the Conference and participation in them offers rewarding opportunities to work with colleagues from across the nation. Through its Committees, NCFTJ strives to improve the judicial process and the quality of justice.

Conference committee members are very enthusiastic individuals committed to the cause of an efficient, independent judiciary. Many NCFTJ members have expressed the view that committee work has provided them with unprecedented professional and personal growth. NCFTJ encourages members to become involved and to bring to the attention of these committees their ideas and concerns so that the objectives and interests of all members can be heard, understood and incorporated into NCFTJ proposals, projects and initiatives.

NCFTJ pools the talents and resources of Conference members in an effort to multiply its ability to improve the administration of justice in our courts, and heighten understanding of the courts and the public's respect for the law.

If you are interested in participating in one of the NCFTJ Committees, please contact Program Associate, Amanda Banninga at 312.988.5450.

2018-2019 NCFTJ Committees

Committee Desriptions

Chair: Hon. Barbara McAuliffe

Congressional Affairs
Chair: Hon. Robert B. Collings

Hon. Timothy Brooks

Educational Programs
Co-Chair: Hon. Stanley Boone
Co-Chair: Hon. Pamela Reeves

Ehtics and Professionalism
Chair: Hon. Robert B. Collings

Finance and Non Dues Revenue
Chair: Hon. Leo Brisbois

Judicial Clerkship Program
Chair: Hon. Diana Song Quiroga

Judicial Outreach Network
Chair: Hon. Richard Boulware

Co-Chair: Hon. Miguel Torres
Co-Chair: Hon. Juan Vasquez

Chair: Hon. J. Michelle Childs