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About Us

Our Mission

The National Conference of Federal Trial Judges was established to meet the needs of the federal judiciary and to offer opportunities for interaction among federal trial judges through educational, networking and social programs. NCFTJ acts as the voice of the federal judiciary on a wide variety of issues affecting the federal courts.

2023-2024 NCFTJ Executive Committee


Chair                                        Hon. Richard F. Boulware, Las Vegas, NV
Chair-Elect                            Hon. Elizabeth Snow Stong, Brooklyn, NY
Vice-Chair                             Hon. Stanley Boone Fresno, CA
Secretary                               Hon. Nannette Brown, New Orleans, LA
Immediate Past Chair      Hon. Willie J. Epps, Jefferson City, MO

Executive Committee:

2024                  Hon. Victor Bolden, Bridgeport, CT
2024                  Hon. Elizabeth Gunn, Washington, DC
2024                  Hon. Sandra R. Klein, Los Angeles, CA
2025                  Hon. Cathy Bisson, Pittsburgh, PA           
2025                  Hon. Maurice B. Foley, Washington, DC
2025                  Vacant
2026                  Hon. Noelle C. Collins, Saint Louis, MO 
2026                  Hon. Adam B. Landy, Washington, DC
2026                  Hon. Gina Simms, Greenbelt, MD

Delegate to ABA House of Delegates:   Hon. Robert B. Collings, Boston, MA
ABA Board of Governors Liaison:          Hon. John P. Bailey, Wheeling, WV


Contact NCFTJ

Danielle Norwood
Program Specialist
[email protected]