Appellate Practice Interview Series

The Appellate Practice Interview Series: The Nuts and Bolts of Appellate Practice was recorded in 2012. The playlist includes the following programs:

Principal Briefs, The Argument Section

Hon. Christel Marquardt, interviewed by Cynthia Feathers

Petitioning for Review

Hon. Mark D. Martin, interviewed by Jerry Ganzfried

Merit Stage in Front of Court of Last Resort

Hon. Scott Bales, interviewed by Ann Qushair

Impact of New Technology on Appellate Brief Writing

Hon. Randy Smith, interviewed by Kate Galston

Representing the Respondent at Oral Argument

Hon. Andre Davis, interviewed by Dan Lindahl

How to Write Effective Introductions

Hon. Margret Robb, interviewed by Karen Beach

Appellate Brief Writing

Hon. Alex Kozinski, interviewed by Suzi Alexander

Statement of Fact

Hon. Martha Warner, interviewed by Kirsten Castaneda

Oral Argument

Hon. Elizabeth Lang-Miers, interviewed by Julia Pendery

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