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AJC Committees

Committees & Chairs

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AJEI Summit*
Chair: Hon. J. Michelle Childs (2023 Summit)
Chair: Hon. Jacqueline Nguyen (2024 Summit)

Chair: Hon. David Thomson

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Chair: Hon. Luz Elena Chapa

Ethics & Professionalism
Chair: Hon. Briana Zamora

Chair: Hon. George James

JD Record*
Editor: Brian C. Miller

Judicial Clerkship
Chair: Hon. Bernice Donald

Judicial Outreach
Chair: Hon. Robert Torres


Chair: Hon. Leanna Weissmann

Chair: Hon. Jacqueline Nguyen

Chair: Hon. Christopher McFadden

The Judges' Journal*
Editor: Hon. Christopher McFadden

*by appointment only

The Council of Appellate Lawyers and the Council of Appellate Staff Attorneys additionally have committees.

Committee Descriptions

Learn more about the AJC Committees and their charges.

Benefits of Committee Involvement

Aside from the benefits that you receive as a member of the ABA, the Judicial Division and the AJC, as an AJC member, you will have access to the Conference's many Committees which provide members a lively and open forum for analysis, debate and education. Conference Committees also allow you to discuss common and diverse interests and goals and to network with judges from around the nation.

Conference Committee members are very enthusiastic individuals committed to the cause of an efficient, independent judiciary. Many AJC members have expressed the view that Committee work has provided them with unprecedented professional and personal growth. AJC encourages its members to become involved and bring to the attention of these Committees their ideas and concerns so that the objectives and interests of all members can be heard, understood and incorporated into AJC proposals, projects and initiatives.

How to Join an AJC Committee

  • AJC Committee terms begin on September 1 and end August 31 annually.
  • All Committee members must re-enroll on a yearly basis. Enrollment will NOT be carried over.
  • You must be a current member of the Judicial Division AJC.
  • There is no fee to join a committee and is a benefit to AJC affiliated members.

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