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Pro Bono Coaching Program

If you are interested in learning about the personal and professional benefits of pro bono appellate practice, the Council of Appellate Lawyers (CAL) has a new program for you.  The CAL Pro Bono Coaching Program matches interested CAL members with experienced appellate counsel who have specific knowledge about pro bono appeals.  Coaches are available to members wishing to learn how to find and handle pro bono appeals. Coaches do not oversee members who handle pro bono appeals, but will serve as a sounding board and resource for attorneys unfamiliar with pro bono appeals or with the dynamics of finding and representing pro bono clients.  The only requirement to participate in the program is CAL membership.

Interested members may contact Pro Bono Chair, Katherine Barrett Wiik at 612-349-0809 or Andy Dhuey at 510-528-8200