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How To Build an Appellate Practice

Are you looking to create or expand your current litigation practice to appellate advocacy? Watch this 3-session series in which three experienced appellate lawyers discuss how they built their practices dedicated to civil appeals in state and federal courts. Session 1 is available to anyone, and sessions 2 & 3 are available to CAL members only.

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Riding the Circuits: A CLE Series

This series takes us from one circuit to the next to learn best practices, local rules, and more from judges who sit and appellate lawyers who practice in each circuit. The series currently includes the Third, Sixth and Ninth Circuits. The Fifth Circuit will be available later this year.

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Pro Bono Resources

Online CAL Community

Join the Council of Appellate Lawyers online community to connect with other members

Judicial Division Resources

The JD has a wide selection of resources available to members and the public on topics like diversity on the bench, courtroom security, and more.