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Council of Appellate Lawyers


Our Benefits

As the only national appellate bench-bar organization in the country, the Council of Appellate Lawyers (CAL) offers many benefits unavailable elsewhere to its members:

Issues of Importance

Current issues that the AJC is working on include:

  • Reducing appellate court delay;
  • Providing leadership on improving judicial salaries, retirement plans and working conditions;
  • Developing important ABA policies relating to judicial administration;
  • Remedying inadequate resources for appellate courts;
  • Improving public perception of the courts;
  • Enhancing judicial independence; and
  • Promoting Fair and Impartial Courts.

As the American population becomes more sophisticated and as public discourse becomes more critical, the courts and judicial system are being increasingly scrutinized. Membership in CAL is a way for you, as a vital member of the legal community, to ensure that your voice and concerns are heard and acted upon. Through the national voice that the ABA provides, CAL plays a leading role in defining, supporting and maintaining the efficiency and independence of the state and federal appellate judiciary.

Join CAL

Membership is open to any lawyer who practices, teaches or has an interest in appellate law and procedure. Members must be enrolled in the ABA Judicial Division Appellate Judges Conference.

If you are already a member of the JD's Appellate Judges Conference, enroll in CAL now for no additional cost.

If you are not an ABA or JD Appellate Judges Conference member, enroll now.

Or contact our Service Center by phone at (800) 285-2221.