NCALJ Strategic Plan

The mission of the NCALJ is to enhance and strengthen the independence, professionalism and reputation of the state and federal administrative judiciary, and to promote access to justice through fairness, quality, and efficiency in that system, while supporting and advocating its improvement, and broadening membership, diverse collaboration and inclusive participation in the Conference by all eligible administrative adjudicators.

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NCALJ Policy for Election of JD Vice-Chair

At the Annual Meeting every six years, NCALJ shall conduct an election for the purpose of selecting a nominee to be recommended to the Nominating Committee of the Judicial Division for the position of Vice-Chair of the Judicial Division for the term commencing at the close of the subsequent year’s annual meeting.

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ABA Resolutions

Access a compilation of selective and quick reference form of the Association’s policy on major legislative, national and professional issues.

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Letters and Reports

The administrative law judiciary, both state and federal, has a greater need to demonstrate its judicial independence than the judicial branch  ...