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ABA Resolutions

The following compilation is a selective, quick reference form of the Association’s policy on major legislative, national and professional issues.  To request full copies of the Resolutions with Reports, please contact Richard Collins of the ABA Division for Policy Administration.

ABA Policies on Administrative Law Judges

NCALJ Policies and Plans

 NCALJ Strategic Plan (2018)

NCALJ Policy for Election of JD Vice-Chair


The Judges' Journal

Judicial Division Record

Model Code of Judicial Conduct for Federal Administrative Law Judges
A reference for federal administrative law judges in considering their own conduct and for others in considering the Code appropriately when applied to federal administrative law judges.

Model Code of Judicial Conduct for State Administrative Law Judges
The Model Code is intended to establish basic ethical standards for administrative law judges or any other hearing officials, whatever their title, in any state.

Featured Member Articles

Judges and the Administrative State 
The term “administrative state,” or the more pejorative term “deep state” are trending concepts that conjure up images of conspiracies and government bureaucrats run amok.
By Hon. H. Alexander Manuel
May 2018, ABA Journal

Faster and Fairer
A review on procedures to resolve complaints of employment discrimination for federal employees
By Hon. Kathleen Mulligan
June 2012, The Magazine of the Los Angeles County Bar Association


Unaccompanied Minors and the American Legal System
This video is designed to "climatize" family court judges and child development professionals to cases involving immigrant minors who come to our country without a parent or guardian to care for them.  These children are known as "UMs" or unaccompanied minors.  UM cases present special challenges to the U.S. Immigration Courts and to state family courts because the Office of Refugee Resettlement often performs the guardian role for the UMs similar to the state's guardian role in foster care cases.

Judicial Division Resources

The Judicial Division provides tools and materials needed to help its members succeed and stay ahead in the profession.