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NCALJ Committees

Perhaps the best way NCALJ members work together professionally and socially to meet the Conference's goals is through the committee system which provides a lively and open forum for debate, analysis and education.

Get Involved

Committee involvement not only provides you with a lively and open forum for debate, analysis and education, and the chance to further develop your leadership skills, but it also gives you working and social access to other judges from across the country with common, as well as diverse, interests and goals.

Committee - Descriptions

2023-2024 NCALJ Committees

Terms begin September 1 and end August 31 annually. While you must re-enroll each year since membership does not carry over, there is no fee to join any of our committees. (*by appointment only)


Chair: Hon. Mimi Tsankov


Chair: Hon. Kimberly Kim

Education & Programs

Co-Chairs: Hon. Danette L. Mincey & Hon. Patricia B. Miles

Federal Administrative Adjudication

Co-Chairs: Hon. John C. Allen, IV & Hon. Robert Lesnick


Co-Chairs: Hon. Lorraine Lee & Hon. Joan Churchill (ret.)

International Law

Co-Chairs: Hon. Mimi Tsankov & Hon. Adam Wolcoff

Judicial Outreach

Co-Chairs: Hon. Janet McEneaney & Hon. Andrew Gollin


Chair: Hon. Patricia B. Miles


Chair: Hon. Patricia B. Miles

State, Local, and Central Panel Adjudication

Co-Chairs: Hon. Lorraine Lee & Hon. Jennifer M. Russell

Strategic Planning

Co-Chairs: Hon. David L. Welch & Hon. Mimi Tsankov


Co-Chairs: Hon. Kimberly Kim & Hon. Adam Wolkoff

Questions about NCALJ Committees?

Amy Dasgupta, Program Specialist, [email protected] or 800.238.2667 ext. 5419.