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The National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary (NCALJ)'s mission is to enhance the status and competence of the administrative judiciary and to promote the quality, efficiency and delivery of justice through the operation of the administrative justice system.

  • Hon. John C. Allen, IV

    Chicago, IL

    Term Ending 2024

  • Hon. Jonathan Huang

    Claremont, CA

    Term Ending 2024

  • Hon. Lorraine Lee

    Olympia, WA

    Term Ending 2024

  • Hon. Kimberly Kim

    San Francisco, CA

    Term Ending 2024

  • Hon. Andrew Gollin

    Cincinnati, OH

    Term Ending 2025

  • Hon. Robert J Lesnick

    McClellandtown, PA

    Term Ending 2025

  • Hon. Adam Wolkoff

    St. Paul, MN

    Term Ending 2025

  • Vacant

    Term Ending 2025

  • Hon. Patricia B. Miles

    San Francisco, CA

    Immediate Past Chair

  • Hon. Danette L. Mincey

    Mount Pleasant, SC

    Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates

  • Ms. Pamela Enslen

    Benicia, CA

    ABA Board of Governors Liaison

Contact NCALJ

Amy Dasgupta, Program Specialist [email protected], 800.238.2667 ext. 5419