National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary

About Us

Who We Are

The National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary (NCALJ) is comprised of federal and state administrative law judges, board of contract appeals judges and hearing officers, and other administrative adjudicators within the federal, state and local executive branch of government.

Our Mission

NCALJ's mission is to enhance the status and competence of the administrative judiciary and to promote the quality, efficiency and delivery of justice through the operation of the administrative justice system. It concentrates its efforts on improving the administrative judiciary at all levels of government by quickly and effectively responding to crucial issues affecting all administrative law judges. Serving as the national voice of the administrative judiciary, NCALJ strives to be the most reliable, respected, balanced and unbiased source for making recommendations on behalf of the administrative judiciary in all areas of concern, including judicial independence, professionalism, procedures, management, education, selection, tenure, compensation and public understanding of judicial functions within the executive branch of government. NCALJ has played a leading role in defining, supporting and maintaining the independence of the administrative judiciary. It strives to develop programs and address issues to achieve greater efficiency, procedural uniformity and economic stability for everyone involved with this specialized government sector.


  • NCALJ Bylaws
    NCALJ is governed by its bylaws, last amended in 2015.

  • NCALJ Strategic Plan (2018)
    The NCALJ strategic plan and implementation form helps to constantly guide the Conference initiatives.
  • NCALJ Committees
    NCALJ conducts much of its work through its committees
  • NCALJ Policy for Election of JD Vice-Chair
    At the Annual Meeting every six years, NCALJ shall conduct an election for the purpose of selecting a nominee to be recommended to the Judicial Division (JD) Nominating Committee for the position of Vice-Chair of the JD for the term commencing at the close of the subsequent year’s annual meeting.
  • NCALJ 2020-2021 Executive Committee Meeting Schedule
    Meetings of the NCALJ Executive Committee are open to all NCALJ members.

NCALJ Executive Committee

Chair: Hon. H. Alexander Manuel, Arlington, VA
Chair-Elect: Hon. John C. Allen, IV, Chicago, IL
Vice-Chair: Hon. Patricia Miles, San Francisco, CA
Secretary: Hon. David L. Welch, Washington, DC

Executive Committee Members:
2021 Hon. Emily Chafa, Johnston, IA
2021 Hon. Henry Hamilton III, West Des Moines, IA
2021 Hon. Ira Sandron, Miami, FL
2021 Hon. Patrick CH Spencer II, Colorado Springs, CO

2022 Hon. Michael Brownfield, Valley Head, AL
2022 Hon. Lorraine Lee, Olympia, WA
2022 Hon. Kristin Rosi, San Francisco, CA
2022 Hon. Mimi Tsankov, New York, NY

Immediate Past Chair:
Hon. Robert S. Cohen, Tallahassee, FL

ABA Board of Governors Liaison:
Christine Hickey, Indianapolis, IN

Delegate to the House of Delegates:
Hon. Danette L. Mincey, Mount Pleasant, SC