National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary (NCALJ)

The NCALJ represents the administrative law judiciary within the Judicial Division. It works to enhance the status and competence of the administrative judiciary and to promote the quality, efficiency and delivery of justice through the operation of the administrative justice system.

2020-2021 Committee Enrollment Open

Perhaps the best way NCALJ members work together professionally and socially to meet the Conference's goals is through committee participation which provides a lively and open forum for debate, analysis and education. Through the work and dedication of committees, NCALJ gives you access to other judges from across the country with common, as well as diverse, interests and goals.

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NCALJ News and Updates

In Memoriam

NCALJ has lost one of its treasures. CALJ Tyrone Thomas Butler was the first and only African-American to serve as Chair of NCALJ up until this year. He passed away of natural causes on November 14, 2020. He was a dear friend of everyone and he served at NCALJ for many years. He will be missed by all. Virtual funeral arrangements will be announced by his family.

FLRA Decision Update

The Federal Labor Relations Authority [FLRA] issued a decision to decertify the collective bargaining (Federal union status) of the National Association of Immigration Judges [NAIJ]. The decision was 2/1. The decision, released on November 3, was dated November 2.

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NCALJ COVID-19 Outreach Committee

In late April 2020, NCALJ conducted a survey of administrative law judges to provide a snapshot of the actions taken by administrative tribunals across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey also sought to gauge the views and perspectives offered by judges in response to those actions along with suggestions for improving future responses to future pandemics or other natural disasters. On May 8, the Committee released its preliminary report of the responses.


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