Judicial Mentor Program
The Judicial Mentor Program (JMP) works to attain greater diversity in the judiciary by encouraging minority lawyers to seek and achieve judicial office.  The program pairs interested lawyers with judges in the area of the judiciary to which they aspire.  The Committee is responsible for publicizing the JMP, soliciting lawyers and judges to participate, matching the participants and engaging in follow-up and program evaluation.

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Outreach Activities
This subcommittee is responsible for arranging and coordinating an outreach event to a school or other facility in the locale where the ABA Judicial Division holds its Annual and Midyear Meetings.

This subcommittee is responsible for planning, designing and presenting educational programs at ABA meetings and recommending cosponsorship of programs with other entities.

Judicial Division Diversity Plan
This subcommittee evaluated various ABA Section Diversity Plans in light of the needs of the Judicial Division and designed a Judicial Division Diversity Plan.  The Judicial Division Council met at the August 2004 Annual Meeting and, with minor changes, approved and implemented the Judicial Division Diversity Action Plan.

Directory of Minority Judges Data
This subcommittee identified as many African-American, Asian-Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, Native-American and Tribal Court Judges as possible throughout the United States and its possessions, and helped compile the directory information into a format that allowed publication in 2008 of the Directory of Minority Judges of the United States, 4 th editionThis subcommittee is also responsible for identifying sales opportunities and coordinating all marketing efforts within the American Bar Association for the Directory of Minority Judges of the United States, 4 th Edition.