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Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary

Chair: Hon. Diana Song Quiroga, Laredo, TX

The public's trust and confidence in the justice system is enhanced when they see that the judges deciding their cases resembles the vast racial, ethnic, and cultural groups that make up American society. Likewise, a diverse judicial branch expands an individual judge's perspective in making decisions that impact a diverse population. The Judicial Division Standing Committee on Diversity in the Judiciary (SCDJ), provides a catalyst to promote equal participation of minorities in the profession through educational experiences, outreach opportunities and numerous publications.

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Committee Work & Projects

Youth Outreach Program
This SCDJ is responsible for arranging and coordinating an outreach event to a school or other facility in the locale where the ABA Judicial Division holds its Annual and Midyear Meetings. Through their outreach events, the SCDJ aims to open doors to the judiciary for young folks across the country

This SCDJ is responsible for planning, designing and presenting educational programs at ABA meetings and online, including the Division's Heritage Month series and several Path to the Bench programs annually. The SCDJ is additionally tasked with recommending co-sponsorship of relevant programs with other entities.

Judicial Division Diversity Plan 
This SCDJ evaluated various ABA Section Diversity Plans in light of the needs of the Judicial Division and designed a Judicial Division Diversity Plan.  The Judicial Division Council met at the August 2004 Annual Meeting and, with minor changes, approved and implemented the Judicial Division Diversity Action Plan.

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Danielle Norwood
Program Specialist, ABA Judicial Division
[email protected]