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Judicial Security Committee

Judicial Security Webinars

From Grievance to Attack: A Discussion on Judicial Security and Best Practices for Safety
CLE | On Demand | $25 JD Members

Attacks of violence to courts and judicial officers has risen steadily over the past few years impacting our democratic process. Using personal stories from distinguished panelists this webinar will explore their personal threats, warning signs, and actions taken. Expert analysis will be provided on understanding and mitigating these work-related life-safety risks.

Justifying Judicial Security: Physical and Online Protection
Non-CLE | On Demand | Complimentary

The Judiciary, as a Third Branch of Government, requires special privacy protections. As evidenced by recent events, persons with ill intentions are utilizing the Judiciary’s digital footprints to gain access to their families and daily lives. At this seminar, learn how to be more proactive with guarding your physical security and online digital footprint. Master new ways to fulfill judicial duties confidently, autonomously, and safely.