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The Judicial Security Committee focuses on helping our judges to recognize, identify and avoid threats to their personal security. The Committee evaluates what resources would help judges to be better protected in and outside of the courthouse, and makes such resources readily available to judges. Resources include practical hands-on training for judges in identifying and responding to threats; web content to assist judges with specific security threats; webinars/podcasts on topics such as cybersecurity/defending against cyberstalking, cost-efficient security devices, deescalating tensions in the courtroom; and pointers and advice from security experts in responding to specific threats.

National Center for State Courts' Best Practices for Court Building Security

Now in its fourth edition, the NCSC's Steps to Best Practices for Court Building Security delivers updated guidance on a diverse array of court security topics. Examples include recommendations for implementing remote hearings for in-custody defendants and recommendations for security technology. The 2022 update also reinforces fundamental security concepts for courts of all shapes and sizes.

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To join or contact the committee, please contact Division Director Tori Jo Wible, [email protected]. You can also join the committee by enrolling online.