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Judicial Ethics Lecture Series

The Judicial Ethics Lecture Series are a compilation of short recordings produced by members of the JD Ethics and Professionalism Committee. The 6 to 13 minute presentations are available to Judicial Division members only and cover various ethics issues faced by members of our judiciary. 

  • Judge as a Community Member
  • Judicial Ethics: Participation in Law Firm Programs
  • Chastising Lawyers: Practical Considerations for Sanctions
  • Judges Speaking Ethically
  • Talk to Me: Judges Engaging in Ex-Parte Communications
  • The Role of Settlement Judge
  • Ethical Parameters for Judges When Authoring Articles 
  • Disqualification or Recusal Disclosure to Parties 
  • The Judicial Ethical Context in Self Represented Cases 
  • Ethical Issues: Judge's Social Interaction with Lawyers and Their Clients 
  • The Googling Judge: Ethical Limits on Independent Judicial Research.