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Judicial Division

Ethics and Professionalism Committee

Hon. Peter Reyes, Chair, and Ms. Marla N. Greenstein, Vice-Chair


The Ethics and Professionalism Committee examines and reviews issues of ethics and judicial responsibility affecting the Judiciary. The Committee identifies and establishes relationships with other American Bar Association entities that undertake issues and projects concerning judicial ethics. The Committee may propose programs and Continuing Judicial Education activities on judicial ethics. The Committee reports to and advises the Division regarding these issues and their potential impact on the Judiciary. The Committee maintains on the Judicial Division website, timely updates on the ongoing activities affecting judicial ethics.

Ethics Resources

Judicial Ethics Lecture Series

The “Ted Talks” style videos, produced by members of the ABA Judicial Division Ethics and Professionalism Committee, are available to members only and offer short 6-13 minute segments of information on various ethics issues faced by members of our judiciary.

Contact or Join

Join the committee by contacting our staff, Tori Jo, or by enrolling online.

Tori Jo Wible
Judicial Division Director and Chief Counsel
[email protected]