Judicial Division

Committees & Councils

The committees of the Judicial Division contribute and assist the initiatives and work of the Division. Committee participation is included with membership. Members are encouraged to enroll in the JD committees to learn, network and engage in problem-solving issues regarding the court and judicial system.

Committee Enrollment

  • Terms begin on September 1 and end August 31 annually.
  • All committee members must re-enroll on a yearly basis. Enrollment will NOT be carried over.
  • You must be a current member of the Judicial Division.
  • There is no fee to join a committee or council and is a benefit to JD members.

To enroll, contact Jill Charles with your Name, Member ID and Committee selection(s).

Committee Descriptions

JD Committee Descriptions: Committee goals, designated staff, and time commitment.

Enrollment to the following Committees/Councils are open to all Judicial Division members:

2018-2019 Open Enrollment Committees

  • Courts and Community Relations
    Hon. Marcella Holland, Chair
  • Court Technology
    Hon. John Allen, IV, Chair
  • Diversity in the Judiciary 
    Hon. Richard Nunes, Chair
    Hon. Marcella Holland, Vice-Chair
  • Ethics and Professionalism 
    Hon. Linda Bell, Chair
    Marla Greenstein, Vice-Chair
  • Fighting Implicit Bias
    Hon. Bernice D. Donald, Co-Chair
    Phyllis Pickett, Co-Chair
  • Forensic Science
    Hon. Stephanie Domitrovich, Chair
  • Judicial Outreach Network
    Mark O'Halloran, Chair
  • Mediation and ADR
    Hon. Thomas Snook, Chair
  • Planting the Seed for a Judicial Career Path
    Hon. Lorraine Lee, Co-Chair
    Hon. Julia Weatherly, Co-Chair
  • Pro Bono Week
    Monica A. Fennell, Chair
  • Rule of Law and International Courts
    Hon. Elizabeth Snow Stong, Chair
  • Tribal Courts Council
    Hon. Lisa Atkinson, Chair
    Hon. Kirk Saunooke, Vice-Chair

Appointed Committees

To participate in the following committees, members must be appointed by the Chair or in accordance of the JD Bylaws.

  • Communications
    Hon. Pamila Brown, Chair
  • Finance and Non-Dues Revenue
    Hon. Elizabeth Lang-Miers, Chair
    Hon. J. Michelle Childs, Vice-Chair
  • John Marshall Award Selection
    Hon. Nannette Baker Co-Chair
    Hon. James Wynn, Co-Chair
  • Judicial Clerkship Program
    Hon. Heather A. Welch, Chair
    Robert Saunooke, Vice-Chair
  • Judicial Division Record
    Hon. Diana Song Quiroga, Co-Chair
    Hon. David Thomson, Co-Chair
  • The Judges’ Journal
    Hon. Nannette Baker, Co-Chair
    Hon. Sam Thumma, Co-Chair
  • Membership
    Col. Linda Murnane, Co-Chair
    Hon. Richard Luis, Co-Chair
    Hon. Patricia Miles, Vice-Chair
  • Nominating
    Hon. Ann Breen-Greco, Chair
  • Program
    Hon. Annette Scieszinski, Chair
    Christopher Browning, Vice-Chair
  • Resolutions 
    Richard Bien, Chair
  • Strategic Planning
    Hon. Elizabeth Lang-Miers, Chair
    Hon. J. Michelle Childs, Vice-Chair

Join a Conference Committee

In addition to participating in Judicial Division committees, members may join committees of their affiliated Conference. Visit your Conference committee page to learn more.