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The Judicial Division, the Lawyers Conference (LC) and the National Conference of Specialized Court Judges (NCSCJ) present a series of awards annually, recognizing those who impact the judiciary.

John Marshall Award
The John Marshall Award is named in honor of the fourth Chief Justice of the United States, who is credited with establishing the independence of the judiciary and enhancing its moral authority. It is presented annually at in conjunction with the ABA Annual Meeting.

Burnham "Hod" Greeley Award
The Lawyers Conference Burnham “Hod” Greeley Award was established by the ABA in honor of the late Hawaiian attorney Burnham “Hod” Greeley. He was a dedicated leader within the American Bar Association who was committed to promoting public trust and confidence in our justice system.

Robert B. Yegge Award for Outstanding Contribution in the Field of Judicial Administration
The Lawyers Conference is pleased to make the annual award in honor of Dean Yegge made possible through a gift from Dean Yegge’s estate. Any current or former member or associate member of the American Bar Association who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of judicial administration shall be eligible for the award, except current officers and members of the Executive Committee of the Lawyers Conference.

The Franklin N. Flaschner Award
This NCSCJ Award recognizes a judge in a court of limited jurisdiction who has an excellent reputation, a commitment to high ideals, exemplary character, leadership and competence in performing judicial duties.

The William R. McMahon Award
Presented by the NCSCJ to a judge, court employee or attorney who has made a significant implementation or development in the use of technological advances in a court of limited or special jurisdiction.

The Judicial Education Award
The NCSCJ awards a person or institution of judicial education/training for successful efforts in providing high quality judicial education and training for judges

Top Graduate of the United States Army's Trial Judge Course Recognition
The NCSCJ presents annually, a recognition plaque to the top graduate of the United States Army's Trial Judge Course, at the Army Judge Advocate General School, in Charlotte, VA.