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August 02, 2023

Request for Technology Articles for Publication in The Judges’ Journal

From: Judge Herbert Dixon (Ret.), Washington, DC

Please consider writing a technology article and asking others within and outside your Conference or the Division to write such an article for the Winter 2024 issue of The Judges' Journal. This will be a technology-themed issue, tentatively titled “What Judges Need to Know about Technology.” This issue is scheduled for distribution just before the Midyear Meeting in February 2024. The article submission deadline is October 16, 2023. The specific technology topic that you might consider is not limited; it may include issues such as:

  • Remote marriages, international issue
  • Virtual Jury Trials
  • Trial presentation technology
  • Technology tips and tricks
  • Online dispute resolution
  • Electronic Discovery in Civil/Criminal/Domestic/Family Cases
  • Artificial Intelligence (Face Recognition, eDiscovery, ChatGPT)
  • Deep Fake technology
  • Authentication of digital records and information
  • Legal technology issues, including forensic science and biotechnology
  • Getting over a fear of technology
  • Technology and Ethics
  • Excessive use or misuse of technology, etc.

The above list is not exhaustive. It is offered to give you ideas of the types of articles we are seeking. I’ve attached the author guidelines for articles submitted to the magazine. Although some of the best articles in the magazine have footnotes (endnotes), ABA Publishing prefers that its magazines be non-footnoted - more like magazines and less like law journals. Essays and opinion pieces are great. One analogy used by a former editor of the magazine is that The Judges' Journal is The New Yorker Magazine for judges.

If you are interested, please advise as soon as possible concerning your proposed topic, as we wish to avoid multiple articles on the same subject. The current submission deadline for the Winter 2024 issue is October 16, 2023. 

- - Herbert Dixon ⚖


Judge Herbert B. Dixon, Jr. (Ret)
Chair, Board of Editors, ABA Journal
(A National Magazine of the Year)
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