December 18, 2019 Judicial Division

JD Recommendations for ABA Presidential Appointments

Dear Colleague:

We are honored to recommend to President-Elect Patricia Lee Refo, the extraordinary leaders from the Judicial Division to fulfill one of her over 700 Presidential Appointments. We encourage JD members to apply for ABA Presidential appointments through the Presidential Nomination system. You may apply online at the Presidential Nomination webpageThe application process opens on December 30, 2019.

To facilitate our efforts to support your nomination, please apply to the ABA online first and then provide a digital copy of your nomination data.  In order for the Nominating Committee to have time to review your request for support, please send a copy of your application no later than Monday, February 10, 2020.

When you submit your nomination, please send an electronic copy of your form to JD Director Tori Jo Wible by no later than Monday, February 10, 2020. Also, you should copy the immediate past chair of your conference and send her/him a copy of your application. The past conference chairs are all members of the nominating committee.  The past chair will take the lead on discussions on recommendation for members from their own conference. The JD Nominating Committee is continuing to review all applications and will determine whether to issue a letter of support.  

If you want a letter of support, you MUST submit your application to the JD by Monday, February 10, 2020.

Below we have listed entities that are of particular interest to the Judicial Division and also the members of the Nominating Committee. If you have any additional question please do not hesitate to contact Tori Jo Wible.

If you would like to discuss this process, please feel free to contact the ABA Appointments Committee Chair, Randall Noel at (901) 680-7346 or Vice-Chair Alfreda Coward at (954) 722-0836. For questions regarding the on-line application, please contact Danielle Norwood in the Office of the President at (312) 988-5122.

Thank you.

Hon. Toni E. Clarke, Chair Nominating Committee

Nominating Committee:

Hon. Toni E. Clarke, Chair

Hon. Richard Nunes (NCSCJ)

Hon. Judson Scott (NCALJ)

Hon. James Lockemy (AJC)

Hon. Barbara McAuliffe (NCFTJ)

Hon. Guy Reece,II (NCSTJ)

Mr. Mark Sessions (LC)

The following are a list of Standing Committees, Special Committees and Commissions of particular interest to the Judicial Division:

Standing Committees of Interest:

  • Standing Committee on American Judicial System
  • Standing Committee on Delivery of Legal Services
  • Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility, Judges Advisory Committee
  • Standing Committee on Federal Judiciary
  • Standing Committee on Governmental Affairs
  • Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress, Advisory Commission
  • Standing Committee on Membership
  • Standing Committee on Public Education
  • Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight

Special Committees and Commissions of Interest:

  • Annual Meetings Program Planning
  • Commission on Disability Rights
  • Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence
  • Commission on Immigration
  • Commission on Law and Aging
  • Coalition on Racial and Ethnic Justice
  • Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Commission on Women in the Profession