September 29, 2020

Judicial Division Seeks Budget Director

The Judicial Division is adding a Budget Director to its leadership ranks. The volunteer in this position will serve as Chair of the Finance and Non-Dues Revenue Committee. The position is initially for two years, an Assistant Budget Director will be appointed next year by then Chair-Elect Judge Ernestine Gray to learn the position and serve as the Budget Director during her year. Each year thereafter, the Chair-Elect will choose the Assistant Budget Director.

The individual seeking the position of Budget Director should have some familiarity with ABA Accounting and Reporting practices. The Budget Director will work closely with the JD Council and the Division Staff Director to oversee the budgeting process.

The description is below. Please submit a brief description of why you, or the person you are nominating, would be a good fit as JD Budget Director. All submissions must be in writing and sent to before 5 pm Central Time on October 12th


                The Budget Director shall:

(i)                  aid the Officers and Council in the performance of their respective responsibilities with regard to the Financial Policy of the Division;

(ii)           assist the Chair-Elect in preparing the budget for the ensuing year;

(iii)          report the state of the Division finances to the Council periodically and to the Division members at the Annual Meeting of the Division;

(iv)         monitor the implementation of the approved budget;

(v)          assist the Director in reviewing reports to assure an accurate record of the Division’s funds, income, and expenditures and any documents relating to them;

(vi)         Advise the officers and the Council on whether any proposed action by the officers, Council, or Division may, in his/her judgment, have a significant impact on the Division’s financial condition; and

(vii)        perform such duties and have such powers as usually pertain to the office of Budget Director or as may be designated by the Officers or Council.