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April 23, 2024

Celebrate Law Day by Supporting the Judicial Division

May 1, 2024 Law Day

The Judicial Division is comprised of thousands of law students, lawyers and judges, all committed to the Rule of Law and Judicial Independence. The charitable arm of the JD that helps fund some of the good works is the Fund for Justice and Education (FJE). The Judicial Division and each Conference has an FJE fund. The funds come from program revenues and charitable gifts. This year the JD will be using Law Day as a reminder to contribute to your Conference’s FJE.

Those funds are used for a variety of educational programs, here are just a few:

  • Support outreach programs to students from middle school through law school.
  • Funds also allow the Lawyers Conference to offer Supreme Court Swearing in for only the cost of the filing fee to the Court.
  • Support scholarships for Career Law Clerks to attend the Appellate Judges Education Institute (AJEI).
  • Support the National Conference of Federal Trial Judges’ outreach to law school students to educate them on clerking opportunities.
  • Support the National Conference of State Trial Judge’ Town Hall at the ABA Annual Meeting presenting topics such as last year’s managing high profile trials featuring the judges from the Murdaugh murder trial and the Dominion Voting Systems case.
  • Support outreach programs such as the NJC’s Reading and Robes bringing judges into elementary schools.
  • Support a wide range of programming by the National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary on topics ranging from immigration to school law.
  • Support diversity programming such as the Judicial Clerkship Program, outreach at the Midyear and Annual Meetings, as well as the Heritage Month series.

Your dollars matter, every dollar matters. Please consider donating today.


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