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Judicial Division

Marketing Policy

Judicial Division Marketing Policy

ABA Co-Sponsorship approval is required for ABA Judicial Division marketing of a program/activity of an outside organization. ABA Judicial Division co-sponsorship may be permitted under the following Guidelines for Co-sponsorship of Programs/Activities with Other Organizations:

  1. The program/activity significantly advances the purposes of the ABA and one or more ABA goals or objectives or otherwise provides identifiable benefits to the ABA, its members and/or the public in furtherance of ABA purposes and/or goals.
  2. The ABA and the other organization each have significant and meaningful participation in and responsibility for the planning and implementation of the program/activity and any resultant publication or printed work product.
  3. The program/activity will not result in policy statements which could be attributable to the ABA without prior approval of the ABA House of Delegates or the Board of Governors or which would be in conflict with any existing ABA policy.
  4. The program/activity budget is fiscally sound and is not likely to expose the ABA to liability for unanticipated expenses and/or net losses.

Co-Sponsorship requests should be made at least 60 days prior to the event. Advance approval will provide ample time to receive ABA approval and to provide staff time to properly market the program through various platforms.

Request Co-Sponsorship

Contact [email protected] with the following information about your program:

  • Program Name, Date, Location, Description
  • Organization sponsoring the program & contact information
  •  Registration/Site Link (if available)


JD staff coordinates with each other to market co-sponsored programs. If your program has already been approved for JD co-sponsorship and you have questions about our marketing of the program, contact [email protected].