Judicial Division

Liaison Guide

Liaison Duties

Expectations for JD liaisons include the following:

  1. Contact the chair of the entity to which you have been appointed and inform the chair of your assignment.
  2. Participate in the meetings or conference calls of the group to which you are a liaison during the course of the year.
  3. Advocate the Judicial Division’s position on resolutions or potential resolutions that may come before the House of Delegates.
  4. Inform the entity about the Judicial Division’s committees, projects, and programs in which members of the entity may have an interest.
  5. Participate in two conference calls with the Judicial Division Delegate to the House prior to the ABA Midyear and Annual Meetings.
  6. Advise the JD Delegate to the House, Rick Bien, of any resolutions that your entity is bringing forward that may impact the Judicial Division or the interests of its members.
  7. Complete a written report for the ABA Midyear and Annual Meeting.
  8. To be reimbursed by the JD for attending an outside entity event, the liaison must submit a report on their activities and how the JD can partner with the other entity. Liaisons may be reimbursed by the partner entity or the JD. Per written policy, JD reimbursement is limited to the cost of registration (if not waived by sponsoring entity) and a meal allowance of $75 per day. 

Your Judicial Division Contacts for September 1, 2020 - August 31, 2021 are:

Judicial Division Chair: Hon. J. Michelle Childs

Judicial Division Delegate to (HOD): Mr. Richard N. Bien

Judicial Division Staff: 

JD Director:                 Ms. Tori Jo Wible

Call Schedule Liaisons

2020-2021 JD Liaison Call Schedule




Business Law Section

Hon. Jean FitzSimon  (To JD)

Hon. Heather Welch (From JD)

ABA Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence

Traci Marie Cosby

Commission on Homelessness & Poverty

Hon. Michael Malamut

Commission on Immigration

Hon. Mimi Tsankov

Commission on Law & Aging

Randi Brent Starrett

Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs

Hon. Ernestine Gray

Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession

Hon. Marshell Jackson Hatcher 

Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

Hon. Jodi Levine

Commission on the American Jury

Hon. Heather Welch 

Hon. Paul D. Wilson 

Commission on Women in the Profession

Hon. Ann Breen-Greco 

Commission on Youth at Risk

Hon. Ernestine Gray

Criminal Justice Section

Hon. Audrey Moorehead *

ABA Diversity and Inclusion Center Advisory Council

Hon. Brian K. Ross

Government and Public Sector Lawyers Division

Hon. Frederic Rodgers

International Law Section

Hon. Elizabeth Stong 

National Child Welfare Resource Center on Legal and Judicial Issues/ABA Center on Children and the Law

Hon. Patricia Miles

Section of Litigation

Hon. Samuel Thumma

Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Section

Hon. Ramona See

National Judicial College Board of Trustees

Hon. Robert Edmunds

Commission on Disability Rights

Theresa Moore

Science and Technology Law Section

Nicole Garlic

Civil Rights and Social Justice

Hon. Marian Perkins

Health Law Section


Standing Committee on Publishing Oversight

Judge Maggie Anderson

ABA Council for Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Educational Pipeline

Hon. David Keenan 

Committee on Disaster Preparedness

Hon. Rena Van Tine

United National Global Judicial Integrity Project

Hon. Keathan Frink 

Liaison to Center for Pro Bono, Pro Bono Week

Monica Fennell

Standing Committee on Gun Violence

Col. Linda Murnane

Advisory Group for the ABA National Meeting of State Access to Justice Commission Chairs

Justice Eva Guzman

Administrative Law

Hon. J. Matthew Martin

Section of Dispute Resolution ADR Advisory Committee

Hon. Katherine Beaumont Kern

GP Solo

Keathan Frink (To JD)

Standing Committee on the Law Library of Congress

Hon. Judith Boggs