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About the Judicial Division

The Judicial Division (JD) is dedicated to improving the American judicial system and to encourage all members of the judiciary, lawyers, and others who share a strong interest in this goal to work toward this common objective.

  • Hon. Laurie McKinnon

    Appellate Judges Conference, Chair

  • Mr. Colemon Potts

    Lawyers Conference, Chair

  • Hon. David L. Welch

    National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary, Chair

  • Hon. Richard Boulware

    National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Sidney Butcher

    National Conference of Specialized Court Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Marcella A. Holland

    National Conference of State Trial Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Anna Blackburne-Rigsby

    Conference of Chief Justices, President

  • Mr. Edward Blumberg

    National Judicial College Board of Trustees, Chair

  • Mr. Richard N. Bien

    Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates

  • Hon. Steve Leben

    Budget Director

  • Hon. James Hill

    Liaison from the ABA Board of Governors

  • Hon. James E. Lockemy

    Judicial Member at Large, ABA Board of Governors

  • Ms. Tori Jo Wible

    Judicial Division Director, Chief Counsel

Judicial Division Committees

JD Committees contribute and assist to the initiatives of the Division. Through committee work, members are able to learn, network and engage in problem-solving issues regarding the court and judicial system.

Committee Chairs

  • Amicus

    Ms. Kirsten Castañeda, Ms. M.C. Sungaila

  • Awards

    Hon. Toni E. Clarke, Hon. Ernestine Gray, Hon. Linda Strite Murnane

  • Book Editorial Board

    Hon. Mary-Margaret Anderson, Hon. Robert Edmunds

  • Court Technology

    Hon. Ronald Hedges

  • Diversity in the Judiciary

    Hon. Cathy Bissoon, Hon. Lorraine Lee, Hon. Diana Song Quiroga

  • Ethics & Professionalism

    Hon. Peter Reyes

  • Finance and Non-Dues Revenue

    Hon. Steve Leben

  • In-House Pro Bono

    Mr. Michael Bergmann, Mr. Michael Scodro

  • JD Record Editorial Board

    Hon. Elizabeth Gunn, Hon. Danette Mincey

  • Judges’ Journal Editorial Board

    Hon. Frank J. Bailey, Hon. Margaret Masunaga

  • Judicial Clerkship Program

    Hon. James G. Gilbert, Mr. Robert O. Saunooke, Hon. Heather Welch

  • Judicial Outreach Network

    Hon. Emily Chafa, Hon. Thomas Snook

  • Judicial Security

    Hon. John C. Allen, IV

  • Law Clerk Code of Conduct

    Ms. Carolyn Dubay

  • Membership

    Hon. Denise Langford Morris, Hon. Leanna Weissmann

  • Nominating

    Hon. Ernestine Gray

  • Programs

    Hon. Kristin Rosi

  • Resolutions

    Mr. Richard N. Bien

  • Rule of Law & International Courts

    Hon. Elizabeth Snow Stong

  • Strategic Planning

    Hon. Heather Welch

  • Tribal Courts Council

    Mr. Robert O. Saunooke