Our Mission

The Judicial Division (JD) is dedicated to improving the American judicial system and to encourage all members of the judiciary, lawyers and others who share a strong interest in this goal to work toward this common objective.

  • Hon. Steven David

    Appellate Judges Conference, Chair

  • Monica Fennell

    Lawyers Conference, Chair

  • Hon. Alexander Manuel

    National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary, Chair

  • Hon. Miguel Torres

    National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Ronald Ramsey

    National Conference of Specialized Court Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Linda Bell

    National Conference of State Trial Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Christopher Whitten

    National Judicial College Board of Trustees, Chair

  • Richard Bien

    Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates

  • Hon. Nathan Hecht

    Conference of Chief Justices, President

  • Lynn Fontaine Newsome

    Liaison to the ABA Board of Governors

  • Dana M. Hrelic

    Liaison to the Young Lawyers Division

  • Tori Jo Wible

    Judicial Division Director, Chief Counsel