Our Mission

The Judicial Division (JD) is dedicated to improving the American judicial system and to encourage all members of the judiciary, lawyers and others who share a strong interest in this goal to work toward this common objective.

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The JD serves as the voice of the judiciary; supports an effective, accessible, fair and impartial justice system; and seeks to improve public trust and understanding of the role of courts in upholding the rule of law, while extending the opportunity for participation to diverse judges throughout America and by communicating effectively with them.

  • Hon. Albert Diaz

    Appellate Judges Conference, Chair

  • Carolyn A. Dubay

    Lawyers Conference, Chair

  • Hon. Robert S. Cohen

    National Conference of the Administrative Law Judiciary, Chair

  • Hon. Leo I. Brisbois

    National Conference of Federal Trial Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Shelbonnie Coleman-Hall

    National Conference of Specialized Court Judges, Chair

  • Hon. Heather A. Welch

    National Conference of State Trial Judges, Chair

  • Peter Bennett

    National Judicial College Board of Trustees, Chair

  • Richard Bien

    Delegate to the ABA House of Delegates

  • Hon. Mark S. Cady

    Conference of Chief Justices, President

  • Lynn Fontaine Newsome

    Liaison to the ABA Board of Governors

  • Dana M. Hrelic

    Liaison to the Young Lawyers Division

  • Tori Jo Wible

    Judicial Division Director, Chief Counsel